Want dream clients that are pre-educated, pre-qualified & happy to pay what you're worth?

That's my speciality.

"I don't want to be another play in my field. I want to create a whole new field & be the only one on it."

You're damn good at what you do. But the perfect people don't seem to notice & hire you.

Here's the REAL truth...

For most of us, our copy is our one shot at snapping up a potential client's attention & putting our work into the world in a meaningful way. 

You don't need another strategy or tactic. Because whatever “tactic” you’re trying to use—Facebook Ads, organic social media, emails, sales pages, Messenger bots, webinars, whatever…

They all have one thing in common that determines whether you get more clients or not:


You need a way to articulate a meaningful, memorable & profitable message so your dream clients sit up, pay attention & hand over their credit card. 

And you're in the right place.

my claim to fame...

I haven't had a difficult client since May 2015

...and neither should you.

In the online space, the secret to great clients is your copy - it's often the only way to communicate with them. I'm talking about the kind of conversion copywriting that impresses your audience so much that they wonder why you're not charging more.

Through working with me, you’ll find the words to make your work more meaningful, memorable & profitable… which brings dream clients that are pre-educated, pre-qualified & happy to pay what you're worth.

My job is to help you leverage your expertise, hit your revenue goals & get paid what you're worth by doing 3 things...


Clarifying your brand message.

Because when you sound like everybody, you're remembered for nothing.


Co-creating copy that leads to sales.

Because your sales copy should work hard so you can work less.


Building trust into your marketing.

Because trust is the foundation of all good client relationships.


Here’s a few examples of how I've helped coaches, consultants & freelancers,

just like you…

Holy c#@p on a cracker! A basic white page & Alyssa's copy made cost per lead go from $19 to $2.85.

Eran M


I had a 400% increase in new discovery calls without any additional marketing!

Angela P


This put an extra $80K in my pocket & got rid of 90% of my difficult clients. This is a paradigm shift."

Trace L


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