Ready for dream clients that are pre-educated, pre-qualified & happy to pay what you're worth?

Do any of these sound familiar?


“After all these years, I thought I’d have better clients… ones that trust my expertise & pay what I’m worth.”

You’re fed up with clients that don’t see you as a trusted expert, but as a resource to be (micro)managed. You're ready for clients that trust your expertise & are happy to pay what you're worth.


"I want to design my business around my life, not the other way around."

You know that the ‘one-size fits all’ business advice doesn’t work for you. You want to design a business that's right for you, rather than just following the trends.


"I want dream clients that are pre-educated, pre-qualified & excited to hire me."

You're smart and talented, but one of your greatest fears is that clients will never see you as a trusted expert (whether you're willing to say that out loud is another story). You’re sick of trying to convince people that you’re good at what you do or that they should follow your advice.

If yes, there's 2 powerful ways I can help you fix that...

How to leverage your expertise, hit your revenue goals & get paid what you're worth

An exclusive masterclass to help you create a zero-hustle system for being seen as a trusted expert with 5 simple, but powerful ingredients. 

Get a Brand Message Overhaul + strategy & implementation support

For entrepreneurs who don't want to be just another player in their field… who want to create a whole new field & be the only one on it.

Here’s a few examples of how I've helped coaches, consultants & freelancers, just like you…

I had a 400% increase in new discovery calls without any additional marketing!

Angela P - spiritual teacher

Holy c#@p on a cracker! A basic white page & Alyssa's copy made cost per lead go from $19 to $2.85.

eran m - digital marketer

I increased prices by 500%. I now charge more per month than I used to charge for my whole package!

lauren w - therapist

We won every single project we pitched in the last 2 weeks since using your framework. That's worth $36K to us.

rich G - business coach

This put an extra $80K in my pocket & got rid of 90% of my difficult clients."

Trace l - real estate

Just ONE session with Alyssa and my offer started converting!

deb c - teacher & entrepreneur

Ready to be my next success story with results like these?

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