Here's what I know about you...

i know

You are damn good at your work.

But even though you're smart & talented, client's don't see you as a trusted expert (yet). They often see you as a human resource to be (micro) managed.

You're ready for next-level clients.

You care about your clients & you want the best for them. Now, you're ready to work with next-level clients that pay what you’re worth and trust your expertise.

You know hustle culture sells a lie.

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to call your own shots. But fun & sleep are not optional. You want your marketing to work harder so you don't have to.

The good news? You're on the right track.
And you're definitely not alone

My job is to help you leverage your expertise, hit your revenue goals & get paid what you're worth by doing 3 things...


Clarifying your brand message.

Because when you sound like everybody, you're remembered for nothing.


Co-creating copy that leads to sales.

Because your sales copy should work hard so you can work less.


Building trust into your marketing.

Because trust is the foundation of all good client relationships.

I'm Alyssa Martin

Business Strategist | Sales Copywriter | Speaker 

I help pull the messages out of your head, so you can put them "on paper" & share them with the world. Through working with me, you’ll find the words to make your work more meaningful, memorable & profitable.

I love working with coaches, consultants and freelancers because the words you use in your marketing are directly linked to the quality of clients that come through your doors. They either make your life easier (and help you hit your revenue goals)… or they do the opposite.

Using my under-the-radar system, I haven't had a difficult client since May 2015. And I know that's possible for you too.

Here's what clients say...

I had a 400% increase in new discovery calls without any additional marketing!

Angela P - spiritual teacher

Holy c#@p on a cracker! A basic white page & Alyssa's copy made cost per lead go from $19 to $2.85.

eran m - digital marketer

I increased prices by 500%. I now charge more per month than I used to charge for my whole package!

lauren w - therapist

We won every single project we pitched in the last 2 weeks since using your framework. That's worth $36K to us.

rich G - business coach

This put an extra $80K in my pocket & got rid of 90% of my difficult clients."

Trace l - real estate

Just ONE session with Alyssa and my offer started converting!

deb c - teacher & entrepreneur