Your work is competing for attention in a hectic world. There’s so many things that can steal our attention & I even read somewhere that we now have sorter attention spans than goldfish.

Your content needs to STAND OUT. Because the only alternative to standing out is blending in to all the noise.

There are lots of ways that you can stand out & get your sales page read. But no matter which strategy you use, the first step is always the same: writing a knock-out, jaw-to-the-floor headline.

Why are headlines important?

Headlines are the gateway to your content. They’re the biggest deciding factor in whether or not someone clicks on your link to read more.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest… which makes headlines the most important thing you’ll write.

A headline’s job is to grab enough attention to entice someone to read further. They read a little bit, then BAM! Another (sub)headline.

So, while the first headline is arguably the most important, all the others play a meaningful role in getting your reader to keep scrolling down to the “buy now” button.

How do you write headlines that get a butt load of attention?

I’ve got 3 secrets for you & I use all of these in my own business at different times, depending on where the inspiration strikes me.

1. Get inspired by the best headlines of all time

One of the cheat sheets that I give my Brand Message Overhaul clients is a list of The 100 Greatest Headlines of All Time. (You can also get access to it & a bunch of others in Website Jumpstart.)

These headlines have been working for decades. You see examples of them everrrywhere.

Here’s a popular example: How to win friends & influence people.

It’s one of the best headlines of all time & these are just some of the recent headlines that I’ve noticed which have been inspired by it:

  • How To Make Progress On Your Business And Keep A Full Time Job
  • How We Tackled the Biggest Problems In Our Remote Team And Saved Money
  • How Your Low Prices Are Killing Your Business And Your Dreams

You can imagine just from seeing this one example how many headline ideas you can get just by scrolling through my list of The 100 Greatest Headlines of All Time.

I honestly do it every time I need headline inspiration. I keep a hard copy next to my desk – that’s how often I use it.

If you do the same, I’m almost willing to guarantee that you’ll uncover your golden, attention-grabbing headlines so much faster.

I’m even giving you a sample list of just ”20 Of The Greatest Headlines Ever Written” to inspire you.

2. Keep your own headline inspiration list

For one week, I want you to write down every single headline that you click on. Every. Single. One.

Make a note when you click on something on Twitter.

Make a note of the email newsletters you open & what the subject lines were. (Those subject lines… they’re headlines too.)

Make a note of what you click on when scrolling through your favourite blogs.

By the end of the week, you’ll have your own list of clickable headlines to inspire you the next time you’re writing a blog post or sales page or anything that needs to get your dream client’s attention.

If the greatest headlines of all time are feeling old, stale & uninspiring, now you’ve got a list that appeals to you more personally. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to inject some attention-grabbing mojo into your headlines.

3. Brainstorm 25 headlines before you decide on just one

We’re not all creative geniuses all of the time. Sometimes, we just plain suck at writing headlines, myself included. It’s normal.

Half of the headlines you create will be ridiculous, some of them will make zero sense at all, & plenty of others will be flat & boring. But, it’s so satisfying when you strike upon one that’s perfect.

The trick is to get out all the muck, so that you can get to the gold.

So I challenge you to brainstorm 25 headlines for your offer. Yes, twenty-five. Two. Five.

I know it’s a lot, but it’s soooo worth it. After you’ve got 25, you can scroll through your list & easily spot the one that leaps off the page the most (because, lets face it, most of them won’t).

The bottom line

If you invest some time working on your headlines (instead of just using the first one that comes into your head), you’re almost guaranteed to create something that will open your sales page with a BANG & a butt load of attention.

So make sure you get your list of ”20 Of The Greatest Headlines Ever Written” to help you kick your next sales page off with some extra oomph.

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