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How to describe your benefits to get more sales (especially when you do not know them yet)

Anytime you lose a sale, it’s because your dream client wasn’t sure she was going to get what she wanted out of the investment. It kills conversions when your reader just can’t imagine herself as your customer. This 2-step process will make sure your dream clients can picture exactly how your work will change their life, so they’ll jump at the chance to hire you.

Let’s say you’ve got your dream client interested – you’ve piqued her interest. But she’s a little confused about what precisely she’s going to get out of working with you. She’s interested, but not 100% convinced yet (which means she’s not ready to give you her money yet either).

Her fear of making a bad investment is starting to overtake her interest in working with you.

She clicks away & hires someone else. Bummer.

Why did you lose the sale?

Because your dream client wasn’t sure she was going to get what she wanted out of the investment. She couldn’t picture how it would help her – which means she can’t imagine herself working with you.

They click away if they think (and can’t find the answer to):

  • But what will I actually get?
  • How will those coaching sessions help me?
  • What will I be able to achieve as a result of doing this / hiring you?

The key to convincing your dream clients that you’re what they need to solve their problems is to answer this question:

What are the benefits my customers receive from my product / service?

Seems easy enough. The problem is that your answer needs to be meaningful.

But you have no idea how many people say:

  • Save time.
  • Save money.
  • Increase profits.
  • Feel great.

Seriously, everyone says that… which means that those responses become white noise that no one bothers to listen to anymore.

They want to know what value you bring to the table & they want more precisely than “I help you save time.” They need to know what they’ll actually get from their investment.

You want to stand out from the crowd, so we’re going to do a 2-part writing exercise today.

It’s designed to help you get laser focused on how your work changes your client’s lives or businesses for the better, so that you can start adding those benefits into your marketing.

Step 1: Getting clear on your results (even if they’re intangible)

Get a pen & paper ready now.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and discover your service/product has been widely adopted by all of the people who need it in the whole world.

The problem is, everyone who’s worked with you or bought your thing remains anonymous. The only way to know who they are is by looking for signs.

What’s the first, tiny sign you’d see that would make you think, “AH! That person must be one of my customers!”?

Write down everything that comes to mind.

Step 2: Painting a picture

One thing that kills conversions is that your reader just can’t imagine herself as your customer.

So you’re going to tell her a story. You’re going to paint a picture of what her life will be like AFTER she’s worked with you.

It starts with:

Imagine this… / Picture this… / How would it feel if this was you? / Would you like this to be you?

Then you’re going to describe what her life / business / hair / weight / wardrobe / relationships will be like after she has worked with you.

She might gain confidence, ease, support.

Or, she might lose fear, confusion, overwhelm, wasted time.

Write down everything you can think of about what her life looks like after working with you?

How has your work transformed her life for the better?

Make the list as long as you can. Leave no stone left unturned because you usually have to wade through the vagueness to get to the ideas that are actually usable.

Once you have your list, weave your biggest, best dot points together into a short narrative. Keep it to 3 paragraphs or less.

My client, Angela Marie Patnode, has done an excellent job of this on her homepage. She works with people who deal with anxiety & feeling stuck. There’s a lot of emotions tied up there that she can acknowledge & say, “hey, I understand how hard this is for you right now.

Then, by helping her dream clients picture how different their life will be after working with her, they think, “omg, yes! That’s exactly what I want for myself!

It’s no coincidence that Angela’s client inquiries quadrupled, plus she increased newsletter subscribers by 10-15x.

I’m not even one of her dream clients, but it still gives me chills to read her homepage.

This shiz works.

You can tell this story on your home page or your sales page(s) or your about page… just about anywhere. It’s that powerful.

Give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.