Sales can be a very scary thing for us heart-centred entrepreneurs, especially if we also happen to be female. “Mummy, when I grow up, I want to be a salesperson,” said no child, ever. You grew up wanting to make a difference & help people.

And most of the traditional salespeople that we’ve encountered (think: used car salesmen) have been overly pushy & uncaring. That’s definitely not who you want to be.

But sales & marketing is how you get your work into the hands of the people who need it most. It’s an important part of running a sustainable & profitable business.

You need to have persuasive sales copy (and sales conversations) so that you can have a positive impact on your dream clients’ lives.

Luckily, you definitely can be a good salesperson & a helpful, caring person at the same time. Best of all, it’s must easier than you think.

Here’s the secret…

All good sales copy is stolen

That’s right: stolen.

The best sales copy is stolen right out of the mouths of clients.

Whether you’re writing sales copy or having a sales conversation, you get the best results when you use the EXACT words that your clients use to describe their problems.

Let’s imagine that you’re looking to hire a fitness coach & you’ve narrowed it down to 2 possible coaches that you might want to work with.

You’re looking for someone that will help get you fit enough that you can run rings around your children without having to sacrifice too much of your family time to training. This is the main thing in your mind as you browse these coach’s websites.

Potential Fitness Coach Number 1, Jane, has a sales page that tells you everything she can do for you. Then, she ends with, “at the end of our time together, you’ll be fit enough to run about 10kms.”

Potential Fitness Coach Number 2, Sally, also has a sales page that tells you everything she can do for you. But at the end of the conversation she writes, “we’ll do all that so that you get fit enough to run rings around your children without having to sacrifice too much of your family time to training.”

Yes, Sally repeats your exact words & thoughts back to you.

Suddenly, you feel like she really understands you. You feel like Sally is genuinely aware of your needs as a busy mum — and she is. She’s paying such close attention to your needs that she could clearly articulate them & repeat them back to you.

All of a sudden, Sally has blown all her other competitors out of the water.

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”

— Ralph Nichols

How to steal words straight out of your clients mouths

It all comes down to listening & recording what you hear.

I use Evernote for this.

(Also, side note: if you want to learn more about how Evernote can streamline your business, I highly, highly recommend checking out this Evernote guide. Not an affiliate link. It’s just plain awesome.)

If you don’t want to use Evernote, you could just as easily use Google Docs or anything else. The goal is to keep it all in one place — it doesn’t matter what tool you use.

I created a folder in Evernote called, “Voice of my customer.”

Let’s say you & I are in the same Facebook group & I see you talking about how much you struggle with writing your web copy. I would immediately take a screenshot of that & save it in my “Voice of my customer” Evernote file.

Like this:

Then, when it comes time for me to write a new sales page, sales email or have a sales conversation, I know exactly what people like you are struggling with. I know what words you’re using to describe your struggles, which means I know what words will resonate with you.

Use this simple trick & you’ll soon have words that are truly attractive to your dream clients, not just some pretty words put together to sound good.

Here’s a little secret about my own business that will help you see how well this works…

This year, ALL of my clients have landed on my website & immediately hired me straight from the sales page.

I didn’t have to get them to sign up for my list. I didn’t need to create a “nurture sequence” to inch them closer & closer to buying from me. They landed on my sales page & BAM! They’re hooked.

What’s more, the feedback that I most consistently hear is that “it felt like your sales page was talking directly to me.”

Because it was.

I pay close attention to my dream clients & the words they use to talk about their copywriting woes.

I use this exact tactic in my own business, as well as sharing it with my clients, because it really works.

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