For entrepreneurs who don't want to be just another player in their field...

...who want to create a whole new field & be the only one on it

You've done everything that the "experts" told you to. You've built the website. You've been marketing like crazy. Posting, live streaming, making offers, building funnels...

...but it's not quite working the way you'd hoped.  

You're damn good at what you do. But the right people don't seem to notice & hire you.

Here's the REAL truth...

For most of us, our copy is our one shot at snapping up a potential client's attention & putting our work into the world in a meaningful way.

You don't need another strategy or tactic. You need a way to articulate a meaningful, memorable & profitable message so your dream clients sit up, pay attention & hand over their credit card. 

That's what's really getting in between you & the success you crave.

It's time for a

Brand Message Overhaul.

A done-with-you overhaul of your message & marketing.

Copywriting may seem so simple & obvious, yet it's so nuanced & crazy that even getting the "simplest" messaging out of your head & onto the page can often be high drama. 

Most businesses have no idea how to find their message, let alone articulate it to potential clients.

I'll help you uncover the right words to reach your right people, so that the am-I-doing-this-right overwhelm is completely taken out of the equation. Because...

A clear brand message is the only significant way we can differentiate ourselves from everyone else out there who sells what we sell.

When you build your marketing on the foundation of a clear & powerful message, it makes all your other marketing efforts actually work.

You know that when you send clients to your website, they'll quickly understand what you do & whether it's right for them. They'll hit the 'apply now' button faster & more confidently.

Even better: those clients totally “get” exactly what you have to offer. They know what to expect, they’re happy to pay for it, & they’re even happier to come back again & again. 

Never have forgettable messaging again.

Extreme Makeover: Copywriting Edition

Get a complete strategy to position yourself as a trusted expert + copywriting coaching to bring the strategy to life

You'll work with me 1-on-1 to take a deep dive into…


Brand Message Framework

We’ll get clear of how to communicate what makes you different, better & worth working with. You’ll have a proven filter to apply to all of your marketing material so that it works consistently.


Structuring Your "Hell Yes Offer"

We’ll position your offer to make it a “no brainer” from your dream clients' perspective. You'll discover the psychology behind converting website visitors into clients.


Automated Pre-Qualification

We'll make sure the only people coming through your digital doors are the next-level clients that value your expertise, take action & are happy to pay what you're worth.


Overcoming Objections

We’ll unpack all of your client objections and blocks so you know how to communicate and answer them ahead of time in your marketing message which will make them more prone to buy your offer.


Your Hard-working Sales Copy

We’ll create copy on the spot to communicate your offer in your voice. You can select what copy you need, whether it's website pages, on-boarding documents or webinar copy. The process is 100% customized to you.


Reverse Engineer Your Strategy

We’ll decide on the best marketing & copywriting strategy for you based on who you are, what your goals are, who you love to work with, and what your offer is. Because the right strategy creates a business you love.

What kind of results can you expect?

Here's what other clients have achieved...

I had a 400% increase in new discovery calls without any additional marketing!

Angela P - spiritual teacher

Holy c#@p on a cracker! A basic white page & Alyssa's copy made cost per lead go from $19 to $2.85.

eran m - digital marketer

I increased prices by 500%. I now charge more per month than I used to charge for my whole package!

lauren w - therapist

We won every single project we pitched in the last 2 weeks since using your framework. That's worth $36K to us.

rich G - business coach

This put an extra $80K in my pocket & got rid of 90% of my difficult clients."

Trace l - real estate

Just ONE session with Alyssa and my offer started converting!

deb c - teacher & entrepreneur

Now let me explain how it works...​


Phase 1: Goal Setting & Business Visioning

  • We'll spend our first 90mins together on a strategy session that's designed to get clear on what your business stands for.
  • We'll note the most important things your dream clients need to know about working with you & make sure they're conveyed in everything we write from this point onwards.
  • I help you look outside of the box you've created for yourself to uncover your core brand message right in the very first session.
  • Outline a website structure that makes all your information easy to find & navigate.


Phase 2: Copywriting Using Your New Brand Message

  • You'll write the drafts for all your selected pages. Then we'll jump on Zoom together & polish them to publishable perfection live during our 90min calls.
  • We'll cover all the pages that you need to support your business goal. These typically include: Home, About, Services pages and a sprinkling of other pages that are unique to you.
  • We'll make sure all your new copy reflects your vision, voice & values -- while also making sure the BEST clients land on your site and think, "omg, it's like they're reading my mind."


Phase 3: Trust-building Marketing Processes & Documents (Optional)

  • We'll plan your lead generation or onboarding process so that you're building trust & setting clear expectations about what it's like to work with you. 
  • We'll write documents & emails to smoothly guide your dream clients through the process of working with you, so that they always feel informed & nurtured when working with you.
  • Here’s some examples of documents that we might want to work on: sales slides, pricing documents, client proposals, client welcome pack, progress update emails, canned responses to client inquiries & loads more.

Here's how we'll collaborate...


Before our sessions

  • You get access to our shared Google Drive folder where you'll find all the templates, cheatsheets & worksheets to help you prepare your draft content.
  • You answer 20 questions about you, your clients & your business.
  • I immerse myself in your business before we meet to maximise the time we have together on the call.
  • You write your draft web copy into an editable Google Doc and share it with me at least 48 hours before our session.


During our sessions

  • I pull out all the most memorable & profitable messages from your brain so we can share them with your dream clients.
  • We get on Zoom & work in the Google Doc together in real time.
  • I'll step into your dream client's brain & ask you lots of questions to make sure everything we write will resonate with your people.
  • We’ll power through as much as we can in 90 minutes, leaving your draft 200-300% better than when we started.


Between our sessions

  • You have a week off to sit with the writing we've done to make sure it still feels 100% authentic to you.
  • You have access to relevant templates, cheatsheets & worksheets to help you write your content for your next session.
  • During our time apart, you make any changes or fill any gaps that remain in your copy.
  • We get ready to get back on Zoom and do it all over again for your next session.

Who should invest in this kind of

done-with-you experience?

This is for you if..

  • Your service genuinely helps people & you're 100% committed to helping your clients get great results.
  • You already have a proven service to offer & need help articulating its value to your dream clients, so they jump at the chance to hire you.
  • It’s important for you to build an authentic relationship with your audience where they want to work with you, and only you.
  • You are willing to do the work and you like making shit happen!
  • You know hustle culture sells a lie & you want marketing that works its buns off, so you don't have to.

This is NOT for you if..

  • You want a copywriter to write all your copy for you in the traditional, done-for-you way.
  • You have a brand new business and/or haven't worked with any clients yet.
  • Your clients are just a number or a bunch of dollar signs to you.
  • You're afraid about standing out in your crowded marketplace.
  • You have a product-based business. That's not my specialty.

Tweaking just one sales page or one email….just once….might be enough to recoup your entire investment.

How would your business be different if you had a complete strategy on how to position yourself in a way that builds trust with your audience?

How much more confident would you feel directing dream clients to your website?

How would that confidence & website pride energize your marketing efforts?

What would it feel like to have clients telling you, “It’s as if you wrote that especially for me”?

How much easier would it be for clients to have a lightbulb moment that makes them realize you’re the absolute most perfect person to help them?

How much faster would they hand over their credit card details?

You don’t need to waste months or years slowly getting clear on what you want to say & how you should say it. Taking the long, hard road means less clients & less money for you right now – and that’s sucky for your business.

Instead... you can work with me in a Brand Message Overhaul & save yourself the money & headaches of figuring it out yourself. Because that’s a rollercoaster that you don’t need to be on.

It's only $1,450 per month to give your business the remarkable, unforgettable messaging it needs to attract your dream clients. It’s an unshakeable foundation for your business. From there, everything becomes easier & ALL your marketing efforts work better for you.

Naturally, the choice is up to you. You’ve got this.

As to your Qs...

What's the difference between the Brand Message Overhaul & regular copywriting?

How much time will I need to dedicate to this?

What do I need to have ready before we start?

Do you have experience in my industry?

How do I know I'll like what we write?

Will this work for me & my business?

How long does the process take?

Ready to stop sounding like everyone else in your niche & forge your own path?

I only take 5 Brand Message Overhaul clients per quarter