What if there was ONE simple, but powerful tool you could deploy to improve your client relationships & keep your projects on track?

You did all the hard work to get clients through the door, but now that they're here...
...they're late to pay
...they delay projects
...they forget to show up for your meetings
...they sneak things in to the project that are outside the scope of what you originally agreed.

Eish. WTF?!

"Why does this keep happening to me?" you scream, as you shake your fists at the sky.

Here's the HARD TRUTH...

Boundary pushing clients happen because you let them.

And I don't mean that in a 'blame the victim' kinda way. I mean that you're not putting boundaries in place that stop that stuff from happening in the first place.

I heard you *groan* as I said that. I promise putting up boundaries doesn't have to be that hard or scary.

So what does it take to quickly & easily put boundaries in place at the exact right time?

Usually just one good email.

One good email can make the difference between a client that walks all over you & one that respects your expertise.

In other words... your email communication has everything to do with your success as an online business owner.

Whether you're raising your prices, saying NO, or chasing overdue invoices, you've got to do it in a way that delights your clients and makes them respect you. 

Don’t let awkward conversations rattle your client relationships or throw your projects off-track – I’ll show you how to tackle 15 sticky client situations and set business boundaries with grace and ease.

Luckily, it's infinitely easier than you might think.


15 Client Email Templates for Hassle-free Client Relationships & Keeping Projects on Track

It's a digital toolkit of cut-and-paste templates that you can use whenever you get into communication strife & don't know what to say or how to say it tactfully so that you set boundaries with your clients & they walk away still respecting you.

Once you've got these 15 cut-and-paste email templates in your arsenal, you will:

  • Handle any awkward business conversation like a pro -- Finally know what to say & why, so that you get the results you want, while also maintaining strong relationships with the people who matter.

  • Sound like your real, offline self -- no more trying to be someone you're not when you need to set boundaries or say no. Cut & paste these templates to confidently tackle any business problem like a champ.

  • Stop wasting time wondering what to say & have more time to focus on what you do best -- get to the point quickly & easily, so that you can get back to the really fun (and important) work in your business.

"The scripts are amazing! I've put them all in my email as canned responses and used the 'not a good fit' one recently and received a positive response.

The scripts also inspired me to create my own for on-boarding clients & it's made my life so much easier and taken away a lot of the overwhelm I used to feel. Thank you!"

Bianca McKenzie

Launch Strategist

Client email templates for every situation.

Get templates for...

Asking for referrals

Declining bad fit clients

When you need to stop work due to a late payment

When someone questions your pricing

Delivering your work

Asking for testimonials

Dealing with no show clients

When payment is overdue

When the project brief is vague & unhelpful

Firing a client

Raising your prices

Following up potential clients -- the first time

When a request is out of scope

When someone asks for a discount

Following up potential clients -- the second time

Your Investment:


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“These email scripts were a godsend! Honestly, so spot on in terms of content but with her added copywriting love and genius. I was actually amazed at the generosity with these too -- talk about giving your secrets away. 

It's saved me so much time, stress and thought when I just didn’t have it and helped me get more done at times when I've been completely snowed under. So insightful. These scripts are just the tip of the iceberg - grab them while you still can!”

Kate McCormack

Business Coach

Don't just say you're a pro. Show it in every single email you write to your clients.

Pitching yourself for opportunities, boundary-pushing clients, failed payments, selling yourself & raising prices are all a natural (albeit, often uncomfortable) part of doing business.

It's how you handle those situations and what you say in those  awkward moments that's the difference between an amateur & a total pro.

These email templates will walk you step-by-step through exactly what to say & how to say it, so that you're never tongue-tied or afraid to hit send on that important email ever again.

Because you're a professional, so let's make sure everyone knows it.